24 years old.



Modern and Medieval Languages Graduate.








I love museums generally – science museums, natural history museums, local history museums – but exploring cultural heritage is what particularly fascinates me. I volunteer at the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology in Cambridge; I started volunteering there in 2018, helping with museum events whilst I finished my degree, and I now help out Front of House on Sundays.

I have travelled around South America and Europe, and hope to explore more places, learning more languages, and learning more about world heritage as I go along.

I believe cultural heritage – our own, and that of others – is something that should be freely accessible regardless of income, social status, gender, race, health issues or mother-tongue. Culture is something that everyone has and should have the ability to understand and explore. Promoting access to cultural heritage is something I hope to do as I continue my volunteer in museums, and in my career – wherever that takes me! And my musings about that, as well as other topics of interest, will build up here over time, for people to peruse, and muse upon themselves.